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Course Description


If you are interested in our training course(s) but you cannot arrange time to attend during your working hours, we are here to give you the best solution: e-Training.   
Great Flexibility  
e-Training brings you to our courses in an electronic environment: through the Internet.  Unlike classroom-based training, participants do not need to attend the course in a fixed physical location at a fixed time.  Instead, they can acquire the knowledge through a computer to the Internet anytime they want.  e-Training gives participants a flexible schedule for both working and learning.    
High Accessibility  
Whether if you are in Hong Kong, China, or other countries, you can get the training just with an Internet-connected computer.  Without any physical limitation, busy travellers can make good use of their waiting time at the airport to learn on-line.   Start learning with a click !  
Controllable Progress   
All the course materials on the Internet are organized into separated chapters.  Participants can allocate their own study time frame according to their background knowledge of the topics.   For instance, they can review in-depth for one unfamiliar topic and spend less time in an easier topic.  Participants' learning progress can be adjusted according to individual needs.  
Interactive Learning  
A good learning involves a two-way communication.  Participants can seek advice or ask questions through e-mails to the tutor.  Moreover, by taking on-line exercises / quizzes, participants can get an immediate summary regarding their learning status.  Participants are not learning alone; we are here to assist you to gain the most, and beyond ...  
If you wish to be keep informed regarding the latest news of e-Training, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone at (852) 2781 2112.  

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