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Course Description


One-day Workshop on Statistical Process Control (SPC)  

for Businesses & Industries

SPC is a method of monitoring a process during its operation in order to control the quality of the products/services while they are being produced/realized - rather than relying on mass inspection to find problems after the fact.

SPC involves gathering information about the product/service, or the process itself, on a real-time basis so that operators can take action on the process. The purpose is to identify special causes of variation and other abnormal processing conditions, thus bringing the process under statistical control and reducing variation.

The use of SPC is not restricted to the manufacturing sector. Service industries are recognizing the benefits as they deploy SPC methods as the first step in a comprehensive quality improvement programme in their organizations.
Course Objectives  
By the end of the course, participants will have gained:  
  • A firm grasp of the basic concepts of SPC
  • An understanding of the effects of variation on processes and be able to use that understanding to make sound decisions
  • The ability to apply control charts in their own workplace
  • The ability to effectively interpret the output of SPC methods
  • Knowledge about meeting customer and ISO 9001 requirements for process control
  • Why SPC?
  • Basic steps in controlling processes
  • Process variation: cause & control
  • Basic statistic concepts: populations and samples, average, median, mode, range, variance, standard deviation
  • Histograms and their uses
  • Four common types of distribution in processes
  • Normal distribution and 6’m
  • Benefits of using control charts
  • Control charts: basic features and terminologies
  • Types of control chart and their uses
  • Assessing the "state of control" of processes
  • Process capability
  • Capability of Precision & Capability of Accuracy
Benefits of SPC  
  • Provides surveillance & feedback for keeping processes in control
  • Signals when a problem with the process has occurred
  • Reduces need for inspection
  • Monitors process quality
  • Provides mechanism to make process changes and track effects of those changes
  • Once a process is stable, provides process capability analysis with comparison to the product tolerance
Who Should Attend  
Managers, management representatives, production supervisors and team leaders, quality control supervisors, and personnel involved in production control or quality control. Learning is enhanced if participants from natural work-teams attend the course together.

No pre-requisites are necessary for course participation, although previous exposure to basic statistical concepts is helpful.
Participants who have completed the course will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.  
Medium of Instruction  
Cantonese, with Chinese handouts  
1 day.  Date & Time: TBC  
Venue: TBC  
  • Including tuition, course handouts and certificate
Special Discount: HK$1,600  
  • Enroll and make payment 1 month before course commencement ; OR
  • Two or more participants from the same company enrolling in the same class.  
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The above workshop can be arranged in an in-house basis.  For enquiries, please contact us by e-mail or by phone at (852) 2781 2112.  

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