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Standards - English

Quality Management Standards  
(ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9000 Series)  
The latest revisions of the ISO 9000 family of quality management system standards have arrived.  These American National Standards on quality management and quality assurance are internationally recognized as being identical to the latest version of ISO 9000 quality standards.  The standard documents ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9000, ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001, and ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9004 are included in this one package.  
Each of the standards in this package are available for individual purchase.  
To purchase the ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9000 only see item T2110  
To purchase the ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001 only see item T2101  
To purchase the ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9004 only see item T2104  
Publisher:  American Society for Quality   
Price: TBC  
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