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Book - English  
What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way  
The author, Kaoru Ishikawa, has long been considered one of the world's foremost authorities on quality control.  His practical methods have helped literally thousands of companies, including IBM and Ford, to turn out higher quality products at much lower costs.  
Here you will see:  
  • Why the QC sampling methods and statistical data you rely on may be misleading - and what you can do about it
  • How to go from an inspection-based QC program to a process-oriented one
  • How to establish and administer a total company-wide QC program that includes both vertical and cross-function control
  • What a well structured QC program can do to reduce the six cost-variables that determine your profit ... and much more ...
These techniques don't just work in Japan.  In fact, Ishikawa's methods have already been used by fast growing firms worldwide to create not only high quality finished products but -  
  • improve customer relations
  • decrease "down-time"
  • reduce inventory & cost
  • boost sales
  • improve product uniformity
  • increase profitability
Author:  Ishikawa, Kaoru  
Translation:  Lu J., David  
Publisher:  Prentice Hall  
Original Price: HK$450  
Sales Price: HK$350   
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