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Book - English  
Deming at Work  
  • Six successful companies that use the quality principles of the world-famous W. Edwards Deming
The author describes how the Deming method works in different organizations from various industrial spectrum, including service industries and manufacturing.  This book also explains how large and small manufacturing companies and local agencies can put the Deming principles to work in a fashion suited to their specific needs.  
For small-business owners, middle managers in midsize companies, and CEOs of multinational organizations who want to include their firms among the ranks of such Deming clients and followers as Ford, General Motors, Honeywell, AT& T, and Campbell Soup, this book is an essential tool for maximizing profitability.  
Author:  Walton, Mary  
Publisher:  G. P. Putnam's Sons  
Original Price: HK$250  
Sales Price: HK$200   
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