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Books - English

Code Title Author
H0635H Deming Management at Work Walton, Mary
SS0062H What is Total Quality Control? The Japanese Way Kaoru Ishikawa

Standards - English

Code Title Publisher
T2100 Quality Management Standards ISO 9000 American Society for Quality
T2110 Quality Management Systems-Fundamentals and Vocabulary American Society for Quality
T2101 Quality Management Systems- Requirements American Society for Quality
T2104 Quality Management Systems-Guidelines for Performance Improvements American Society for Quality
T51 Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes American Society for Quality
編號 書名 作者
T-CPC-010S 實現顧客的夢 小名川真治郎 / 永川克彥 著
T-CPC-013S 如何永遠贏得顧客 勒伯夫博士著
More books and standards will be coming soon ...  

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