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Welcome to TQC's Management Forum !!


This Forum aims at providing an open platform for business executives to raise questions, to share experiences or views concerning business management, quality system, or alike with our consultants, as well as other visitors.  Before participating in our Forum, you are strongly advised to read carefully the policies of our Forum.



  1. Comments in this forum reflect the views of authoring individuals, not TQC.
  2. Offensive, derogatory or indecent language within this forum is strictly prohibited.
  3. Advertisements pertaining to the purchase, sale, lease, order products or services by anyone within this forum are strictly prohibited.
  4. TQC is not responsible in any way (whether in respect of contents, act or omission, or otherwise however) for any message posted by anyone, or for any error, omission, delay or failure in or of any posting.
  5. Any comments which are deemed to be in violation with the polices of this Forum will be removed without giving notice.
  6. TQC has the final decision regarding posting and removing all incoming messages without prior notice.
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If you have any questions regarding our Management Forum, please feel free to contact us.

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