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Business Strategy  
The Balanced Scorecard  
The Balanced Scorecard (BSC), developed in the 1980s by Professor Robert Kaplan of Harvard Business School and David Norton of Nolan Norton Institute, is a powerful system of performance measurement.  It has also proved itself to be a valuable tool in helping organizations translate their vision and strategy into objectives and actions.  
Many organizations have recognized that financial measures by themselves are not enough in indicating its capability and performance.  The BSC helps rectify this situation by providing criteria that measure performance in relation to finance as well as to customers, internal business processes, and the learning and growth of the organization.  
TQC has developed a practical method of implementing BSC.  It is currently providing BSC consulting services to several large organizations in Hong Kong and mainland China.  
You are welcomed to contact us by e-mail for further details or call us at (852) 2781 2112.  

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