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Retail Food Safety Audit Program  
TQC proudly presents the Retail Food Safety Audit Program, which is specially designed for retail food premises including restaurants, food outlets and clubhouses.  
Why Retail Food Safety Audit Program?  
1. To support the Food Safety Management Scheme initiated by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, whereby food premises recognized under the scheme will be subject to a revised inspection regime and excluded from the Demerit Points System.  
2. To alert the management of any potential risk of food quality and safety resulting from malpractice of hygiene rules.  
3. To raise the food safety awareness of all personnel.  
4. To give confidence to the consumers and hygiene inspectors.  
How does our Food Safety Audit Program help?  
We offer a complete and thorough Food Safety Audit Program that is highly consistent and specific to your needs. The program consist of:  
1. On-site auditing  
2. On-site feedback  
3. Detailed report with recommendations  
4. Microbiological test (5 samples from food, water and food-contact surface)  
5. Training on food safety  
6. Regular monitoring of performance  
What do the Checklists in Food Safety Audit Program consist of?  
The checklists consist of a list of food safety criteria and a rating system based on international food safety management standards and local legal requirements, including Adequacy of Food Safety Program, Pest Control, Operational Methods and Personal Practices, Maintenance and Repair, and Cleaning Practices. A 1000-score rating system is used to classify the retail food premises as follows:  
Superior: 900-1000  
Excellent: 800-899  
Satisfactory: 700-799  
Unsatisfactory: < 700  
You are welcomed to contact us by e-mail for further details or call us at (852) 2781 2112.  

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